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Revolutionary Legal Research Software


How is our case law database different from other legal research services?

Benchly’s Beyond Legal Research is a transcendent machine learning platform that will transform the way legal research is performed. Our revolutionary technology streamlines the legal research workflow, improves efficiency and delivers better results.

First, our solutions were developed with the understanding that legal research tools shouldn’t be cost prohibitive or complicated to use.

Second, our revolutionary platform applies the industry’s most advanced concept search engine and machine learning technology to legal research in a way that’s never been done before. It is designed to help you find cases faster, without having to be a search guru, for a fraction of the cost of legacy providers. Each membership includes access to all 50 states and Federal law with unlimited downloading and printing.

Lastly, we have built in enhanced easy to use collaboration tools that give researchers the ability to organize their legal research by matters, share those matters with an individual or an entire team and manage the effort and work product of the research initiative.

How do you get started doing case law research?

The Case Law LoginSimply click the “Login” button if already registered or click on “Sign Up” and fill out the form. It is that easy. When completed, you will receive an email to activate your account. Ideally, have one person sign up for the free trial for your firm and add other individuals from your team to that license.  This secures your firms work product and enables collaboration across members of your whole firm.  You can quickly add additional users to that license by going to your “Account Settings” link in the header bar. Click “Add New Member” and enter their email address and select the Sub-Administrator box so they will have the ability to create matters and add new members. The person you invited will receive an email where they can create their own user name and password.

What is included in the Free Trial?

  • Individual accounts for each user on your team
  • Unlimited data storage for your research
  • Centralized billing for all the team members
  • Administrative controls and customer support
  • Controlled privacy settings