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Case Law Database

What is The Case Law database?

The case law database is our repository of case law opinion documents dating back to the earliest appellate court cases, both federal and state, through current cases from today. Our database is updated daily to ensure you can find the cases you are looking for.

Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary, case law is defined as law established by judicial decisions in cases. First use of the terminology, “case law”, has been traced back to 1731. Until online platforms like The Case Law were developed, legal researchers had to comb volumes of legal books to in attempts to collect information and case law research.

The power of our case law database lies in the revolutionary platform that sits on top of the data. Our Benchly Beyond Legal Research platform applies the industry’s most advanced concept search engine and machine learning technology to legal research in a way that’s never been done before. It is designed to help you find cases faster, without having to be a search guru, for a fraction of the cost of legacy providers. Each membership includes access to all 50 states and Federal law with unlimited downloading and printing.

Benchley logoWho is Benchly?

The Beyond Legal Research platform was developed by Benchly, a legal technology team focused on providing innovative legal solutions to accelerate your legal research strategy. Visit the Benchly website to access their other useful and cutting-edge technologies.